Packing light for a weekend away – packing tips

Almost anything you forget to pack can easily be purchased in most places – so if you forget to pack your bikini there’s no need to head to the nearest nudist beach!

holiday packing tips

Most important things are passport and money. If you pack light (and smart) you’ll save time (and baggage check in fees) at the airport.

Think about what you will be doing – do you really need to pack those dancing shoes?

Here’s a list to get you started


[ ] purse or wallet including cash and card.
[ ] phone and its charger
[ ] glasses or contacts & contact fluid
[ ] medication {inc extras}
[ ] passport
[ ] ehic card
[ ] important documents: check in information, itinerary, addresses, travel insurance etc
[ ] map / satnav
[ ] travel earplugs, sweets, bottled water, sick bag, tissues, travel pillow, Baby wipes
[ ] minimal first aid kit
[ ] sunscreen
[ ] travel plugs
[ ] journal/pen
[ ] headphones
[ ] plastic bags – for dirty laundry, dirty shoes, carrying lunch etc


Pack items that can be dressed up (or down!), accessories will take up a smaller space than a whole outfit. Think of complimenting colours that you can mix and match. Could it be hand washed if you are stuck somewhere?

[ ] x 2 tops
[ ] x 2 bottoms
[ ] x 1 knitwear
[ ] x 1 dress / shirt
[ ] x 1 handbag
[ ] 1 x pair of sunglasses
[ ] 1 x hat, gloves, scarf
[ ] 1 x coat with a hood or jacket or waterproof
[ ] 1 x swimsuit / trunks
[ ] 1 x belt
[ ] 1 x bra
[ ] accessories
[ ] socks (pack at least one pair extra)
[ ] tights (ripped tights happen pack an extra pair!)
[ ] pants at least one pair extra, you never know!
[ ] nightwear

If you are gong to be active, wear your walking boots/trainers to save space and place casual pumps and or trainers in your baggage

[ ] flip flops (can also be used as slippers)

holiday packing tips


These can be bought when you arrive, foreign lands do sell toothpaste  😉

[ ] 1 x toothbrush and 1 x toothpaste (small foldable kits are great!)
[ ] 1 x foldable hairbrush or small comb
[ ] 1 x shampoo and conditioner (decanted into small bottles to save space) or 1 x dry shampoo
[ ] 1 x shower gel (miniature, if possible)
[ ] minimal skincare items (decanted, if possible)
[ ] 1 x deodorant and a small vial of perfume / aftershave (check out the perfume counters for sample sizes)
[ ] 1 x face cloth and towel (if you’re going somewhere that doesn’t provide them)
[ ] 1 x razor and small shaving foam
[ ] face mask and pampering items (for chilled getaways)
[ ] make-up
[ ] make-up remover
[ ] condoms
[ ] tampons / pads

Packing Tips

Pick out the outfit you will be wearing travelling. Try to wear any bulky or large items such as boots or a jumper, this immediately creates more space in your luggage for other items.

Shoes should be first to go into your bag. Stuff shoes with socks and underwear and any other small items. Wrap dirty shoes in plastic bags as well.

Roll each piece of clothing to minimise creasing.

Happy Travels!


holiday packing tips

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